I try to be a 'get-it-right-in-the-camera'photographer.

Probably because I learnt my craft on film.

The digital darkroom on my desk is truly amazing, but I'd rather be out and about than spending a lot of screen-time on image editing.

Perhaps I just have a short attention sp .. oh look, there's a parrot!

Recently, I have received many requests for images so I'm building this website and on-line shop.

I'm steadily converting my archive of photos from film to an accessible digital format, and making new pictures as well.

Thank you to those people who sent compliments for the pictures they have received.

Thank you, also, to my friends who have been harassing me to get my arts into gear - all the enquiries have now resulted in action!

Please fill out the form and click 'send', if you would like to learn more about new or old pictures!

  • NZ_Feb2012_77
  • 12December15_014_LR - self portrait
  • Dishes
  • 08June15_234_LR
  • 12December15_012-Edit_LR
  • 1985_bw_scan_001_LR
  • old_friends_fam143
  • easter2011_A52a
  • 04February15_011_LR
  • 08February15_149_LR
  • close-up portrait of Lindsay - vintage redux
  • IMG_0531
  • 29November15_075_LR
  • 1994_bw_scan_001_252p
  • cat_drydenSt

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